Namaste and Welcome to US Indian Community Foundation

Embarking on a Journey: The Indian Diaspora in the US

Welcome to the US Indian Community Foundation. We are a platform dedicated to celebrating the rich cultural heritage of the Indian community in the US and strengthening the ties between Indians in the US and their homeland.

The United States, a vibrant mosaic of diverse cultures, has always been a land of opportunity, attracting immigrants from across the globe. Among these diverse groups, the Indian community, particularly the Hindu population, has emerged as an active and influential part of the American social fabric. With an estimated 2.2 million Hindus or about 0.7% of the total US population, the Indian community has made significant contributions to American society, economy, and culture.

The story of the Indian community in the US is a testament to the power of immigration and the pursuit of the American dream. Over the years, Indians have migrated to the US in search of better opportunities, bringing with them a rich cultural heritage and a strong work ethic. Today, they are one of the most successful immigrant groups in the country, with high levels of education and professional achievement.

Our Mission

India in the Heart: The Emotional Connection

Despite their success in the US, for many Indian Americans, India remains an important part of their identity. The memories of their homeland, the traditions they grew up with, and the values they inherited from their ancestors continue to shape their lives. This emotional connection to India is a driving force behind the creation of the US Indian Community Foundation.

The Foundation is a testament to the Indian community's commitment to their roots. It is a platform for Indian Americans to express their love for India, contribute to its progress, and ensure that the cultural heritage they hold dear is passed on to future generations. The Foundation aims to serve as a bridge between the Indian community in the US and their homeland, fostering a sense of belonging and identity.